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Dharamshala is one of the most popular and beautiful city which is  located in the Himachal Pradesh into upper side reaches of Kangra Valley is surrounded by the dark coniferous jungles of the Decodars.

The most famous places around the Dharamshala are McLeod Gnaj, Naddi  , Kotwali Bazaar and much more. There   are lots of tourist attractions, best hotels and interesting things present in the Dharamshala.If you choose the Dharamshala for your tourist packages then you are searching for the best, safe, secure and reasonable charges hotels in the Dharamshala city, the EastHomeStay is the best choice for you. EastHomeStay is a domestic stay and wonderland enclosed by using snow capped Dhauladhar tiers.

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Enjoy Your Adventurer Trip With Mountain Trekking

Trekking is one of the most famous adventure activities. This is also one of the ways of entertainment to relax you from heavy tension. Trekking is the process of trips to the mountains signifies not only natural beauty and also a source of spiritual guidance. The beauty and height of mountains provide enthralling opportunities for trekking. If you like to plan to go trip, then you want to access this activity. It is one of the activity help to enjoy the beauty of the mountains with your whole family, friends and your loved ones.  This is a great opportunity for people to make their mind, relax and keep tension free. It gives different experience for you. Trekking is achieved through different regions of the country and gives chance to adventurers to gain insight into regions immaculate beauty.

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Get Thrilling Experience Through Paragliding

Once you decide to go an adventure trip, then you ready to enjoy all the services like Paragliding. It is an extreme sport and has gained much attention from adventurer lovers. All of these tours you fly with a highly experienced pilot those who steers the wing. You can take a few hours for this activity, but the moment will be unforgettable by everyone those who enjoy it.  When you are enjoying flight over the mountains, then you will be enjoying the moment. Apart from that, launching the participants needs a short run for taking off from gentle slopes.

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Best Destinations For Campfire With Your Friends

It is the right time when the temperature drops down. For campfire night is the right time to celebrate with your friends and your loved ones.  There are many newly developed adventurers are offering a forest camping and beach camping ideas.  Without campfire the
adventure camps will not be completed rightly.  Popular destinations for camping by the river and the destination surrounded by the hills are the perfect location for a campfire night with your friends.  For an adventurer campfire night, you want to drive up to nearest hills and tag your friend’s then stay overnight around the fire.

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